Same-Day Crowns

Same-Day Crowns

High-Quality CEREC Dental Crowns in New Britain

At Lexington Dental Associates, our team understands you have better things to do then make several visits to the dentist when you need a crown. Our dental office offers same-day restorations with CEREC, an in-house design and milling station that allows Dr. Korn to craft solid porcelain crowns on the spot.

If you have a tooth that is cracked, broken or a large filling is loose or falling out, call our New Britain restorative dentist today!

When Do You Need a Crown?

  • Large Cavities - If you have extensive decay in a tooth that a simple filling can’t restore, we will recommend a crown.
  • A Broken Tooth – Often a badly broken tooth will need to be extracted, however, if the core is still intact, a crown can be used to repair it.
  • Chipped or Cracked Teeth – when you chip or crack your tooth, it’s essential to protect it from further damage. A crown will renew both the look and function of your damaged tooth.
  • After Root Canal Therapy – When a tooth is infected, root canal therapy can be performed to keep it from being extracted. Once that procedure is complete, a crown is placed to restore the treated tooth.

Our Patients Enjoy the Convenience and Quality of our Same-Day Crowns

Because we have a CEREC machine, and we use a digital scanner to obtain your dental impression, there is no chance of this “digital mold” being compromised during transport to the lab. Instead, it is transferred to the CEREC station where Dr. Korn can design a perfect duplicate of your once healthy tooth.

We are happy to consistently exceed our patients’ expectations with quality porcelain crowns that are strong and long-lasting.

The Team at Lexington Dental Associates is Committed to Your Satisfaction

Call us today to learn more about our New Britain same-day crown services. Our warm and friendly staff is happy to answer your questions or schedule a flexible appointment time for your visit.



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